Luggage: how about travelling light and with peace of mind?

Having to lug bags around can often be a source of stress, but luggage storage and baggage tracking solutions now exist for anyone travelling on business (or for leisure).

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An inseparable part of travel, luggage often involves a great deal of hassle that can become a source of stress. Although the frequency of trips made means the business traveller is an adept packer he is always on the lookout for solutions for managing every stage of his business trip. Fortunately, there are many innovative and clever services available to help make everything go smoothly. First of all, many startups are now filling the gap in the market for luggage storage and transfer. As a result of France's national security system, or Plan Vigipirate, luggage storage lockers have gradually disappeared (while the country has over 3,000 railway stations, left-luggage facilities are now only found in 15 of them). The success of Airbnb has also increased the number of tourists left holding their luggage once they have checked out of their accommodation. These young companies have therefore come up with 2.0 solutions that shake the dust off the luggage locker market.

Airlines are also looking for modern solutions: augmented reality for measuring carry-on bags, RFID for real-time tracking of checked-in baggage, and self-service check-in kiosks that save passengers time, and solutions like these that use advanced technology are revolutionising baggage handling. Despite all this progress and although baggage mishandling has fallen by more than 70.5% since 2007, luggage can still get lost, damaged or stolen. Here is a reminder of what you need to do in such a situation.  


Article 1: Luggage lockers and baggage transfer: what options are available?
When travelling on business, baggage can often be a hindrance to enjoying a getaway in the city. Discover what solutions exist.

Article 2: At check-in and for both carry-on and checked-in luggage, technology is serving airlines.
Because it's often a race at the airport, new technologies are being used to simplify luggage check-in, making business travel easier!

Article 3: What to do in the case of lost, delayed or damaged baggage.
Your bag never arrived on the baggage carousel? Here are your rights and what you need to do! 
Published by Thi bao on 07/01/2020 Photo credit: © Francesco Carta fotografo

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