Big cities: apps that help you get around

Discover our top picks of the best applications for getting around a new city. The perfect way to get prepared for your upcoming business trip!.

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We've all heard of Google Maps, Maps.Me and Uber. But when it comes to making your way around an unknown metropolis, or finding a meeting place or an event, you'd better get acquainted with all the handy applications out there that can make life (and getting around) so much easier. 


This comprehensive application brings together news and updates on every mode of transport available in around 30 major cities including Paris, Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Lisbon and many more. Be it the bus, metro or tram, or even rental or self-service bikes and vehicles, everything you need to know is detailed in real time so you can make an informed choice on the best mode of transport for you. 


It was only a matter of time before someone came up with this: with built-in GPS, the MapStr application works everywhere and lets you pin and save all your favourite addresses and the locations that matter to you most, anywhere in the world, directly in the app itself. Save and share places like restaurants, hotels or meeting spots and find them again on the app the next time you're back in town.


As its name would suggest, this application lets you find everything located in your vicinity (such as shops, car parks and petrol stations) simply by using your smartphone. Just ask it to navigate to where you want to go. This app certainly comes in handy when you find yourself in a neighbourhood or city for the very first time. It is available in seven languages and can be used no matter where you are. 


Moovit is the most downloaded transit application in the world, and with good reason. Available in more than 1,700 cities across 79 countries, it provides non-stop updates on public transport information. It lets you know by SMS when delays are expected, making it a great way of protecting yourself against any nasty surprises, no matter where life takes you. 

Tube Exits, in London

This application is specifically designed for London city breaks and for using its famous underground system, the Tube. Just select your departure and arrival stop, and the application will show you which lines to take and where to change, the estimated journey time and, perhaps most importantly of all, which carriage to get on to be aligned with the tunnel for changing lines when you get off, and to be closest to the exit at your arrival stop. 

Rejseplanen, in Copenhagen

Getting around a city where bicycles are kings of the road can be rather complicated, so Copenhagen has its very own transport application. Just key in your destination and the app (in English) will recommend the best itinerary. This can come in handy, especially because ending up on the wrong transport with the wrong ticket can get you slapped with a 100-euro fine.
Apple Store, Android and Windows phone  

New York Subway and WhatStreet Manhattan NYC

These two apps will help you find your way around the Big Apple like a true New Yorker... well, almost. The first delivers a subway map straight to your smartphone, even when you have no connection, and shows you the next available trains. The second shows you where you are, and which direction to take in the maze of New York city streets. 
WhatStreet: Apple Store only 
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