Travel gadgets: our top picks

All the must-haves designed to accompany you on your travels and make life so much easier.

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Do you fancy something innovative? Something that's trending? We've pulled together a list of all the must-have techno products which can travel with you and simplify life on the go.
Here’s a rundown of the latest trends for connected travellers.

Kingston’s IronKey™ S1000: the super-encrypted key

As the security of your data is critical (especially when you're away on business), a fully encrypted memory stick makes all the difference.
Data is encrypted and only accessible by password, plus this device has a robust casing that's resistant to water, dust and impact. 

Peli 1520 Case: the waterproof, all-terrain suitcase

A waterproof suitcase is almost essential these days for protecting electronic equipment in all environments.
Using pre-cut foam that can be tailored to fit any size, this clever design protects your devices from water, dust and impact. 

Bluesmart: the connected suitcase

A highly intelligent suitcase which can be locked and unlocked via smartphone, can weigh itself and knows its location… an abundance of functionalities that make air travel so much easier.
Bluesmart also enables you to charge your smartphone and plan your journey, and it even emits a signal if you stray off course.

Ancilia: the stylish smartphone case

For those who have their smartphone permanently glued to their ear and don't like using hands-free kits, this anti-wave case blocks the majority of waves emitted by smartphones.
This stylish case, made from Italian leather, also protects your smartphone from day-to-day impact.

Horological Smartwatch: the GMT connected watch

What happens if you combine tried-and-true Swiss watchmaking traditions with high-tech developments? You get a slick, connected watch which can be adjusted via smartphone.
Travellers will love the second dial, which allows them to set the time both locally and in their home country. And it's all done by Bluetooth. 

Bose QuietComfort®: the noise-cancelling headphones

Imagine immersing yourself in a fascinating podcast without any deafening airport noise getting in the way. That's exactly what these noise-cancelling headphones deliver.
Music lovers will appreciate the sound quality for which the brand is so famous, as well as the Bluetooth functionality and 20-hour battery life. 

Trtl travel pillow: arrive fully rested

It's true that there are a fair few travel pillows and neck supports on the market.
But this one has the advantage of being particularly discreet and compact. It supports your neck effectively while taking on the appearance of a classic scarf. 

Nintendo Switch: the go-anywhere console

A console which is equally great on the ground and in the air - this is the concept behind the Japanese video-game giant’s latest console. Whether connected to a television, placed on a table or held in the hand, the console enables users to play solo or with friends. 

Samsung Galaxy S8: the pocket PC

The Korean company’s latest gadget is as attractive as ever with its curved screen, new frontal eight-megapixel sensor for capturing photos, and Bluetooth 5.0 which enables users to connect two devices at once.
Travellers will appreciate the Samsung DeX: a docking station which enables users to transform their smartphones into a PC. Connected to a screen and keyboard, it allows users to work on their files using their smartphone.

Published by Laurence on 08/12/2017 Photo credit: © bogdankosanovic

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