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When you're on a business trip, why not turn your smartphone into your very own personal assistant?
With a variety of downloadable applications, your phone can guide you and help you manage work-related tasks on the go. Here are some must-have applications to download before your next trip abroad.

Applications to optimise your business trip

You'll never get lost or be late to a meeting ever again, as your geolocation is now mapped using the GPS chip in your smartphone. This means a variety of different applications can help you find your way.
The following applications work everywhere and on all smartphone devices.

For car journeys:

If you need to get around by car, Google Maps on Android and Maps on iOS are the main go-to options.
Waze is very effective, too. It's kind of like a social network for the road. A large community uses the application and members contribute information in real time, from the location of speed cameras to accidents, diverted routes, and plenty more.
Fetchmyway offers some very useful services, too. Your journey is optimised from A to B and the mode of transport is chosen on the basis of criteria such as cost and journey time. 

Travelling by foot:

Even when you're getting about on foot, make sure you're armed with Maps or Google Maps. As well as pointing you in the right direction, these apps provide you with all the latest updates and information regarding activities and restaurants located nearby.
You can even view maps you saved earlier offline, so there's no need to have an internet connection in order to keep moving. 

Public transport: 

In many cities, public transport has become the best solution for getting to a meeting as quickly as possible.
Citymapper offers an all-in-one solution. Be it metro, bus, bicycle or taxi, this application recommends the best mode of transport for your journey. Get timetables in real time, view itineraries, and find nearby stations, no matter where you are in the world. It can even show you which metro carriage is the closest to the exit in the station where you need to get off! 
Moovit covers the entire transport network of 850 major cities in 65 countries.

Need a taxi? No need to go through Uber anymore! No matter where you are, there's a taxi waiting for you.

Apps to keep on top of your game

Applications that help you work:

There are many translation applications on the market.
Among the best-known is Google Translate: users can even translate signs by snapping pictures with their smartphone camera. Offline Dictionaries is another strong contender. Both applications let you work offline with their downloadable databases. 

Say goodbye to extortionate communication costs! Some applications let you keep in touch via an internet or Wi-Fi connection. Take part in video conferences, make voice calls and share files via Skype and WhatsApp.
For data storage, file syncing and file sharing, look no further than Dropbox
Wifi Finder lets you find a Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere in the world.

Your mobile wallet: 

Intuitive mobile banking applications let you check your bank account, take money out or send money abroad.
Revolut is a prime example. Use this application to create a multi-currency bank account that lets you pay and transfer money all over the world, free of charge. It offers the most competitive exchange rates and is commission free. Number 26 is its main competitor. 
The Devise Gratuit application or XE Currency app are both great choices for working out exchange rates on the go. 

Your working lunches:

is the go-to application for selecting the perfect eatery. It uses geolocation to find your closest restaurants and, once you've chosen, it will help you to book a table. 

When you're on the go, your band of handy apps will follow wherever your business trip takes you, making time-consuming setbacks a thing of the past.

Published by Julie on 18/10/2017 Photo credit: © Istock ©pixelfit

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