The 10 most stunning coworking spaces in Europe

Check out our selection of the most stunning coworking spaces in Europe to ensure your business trip is a success

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Stylish, relaxed environments kitted out with high-tech, connected equipment, and lively, bustling meeting places: new-generation hotels have cottoned on to the fact that offering coworking spaces as part of a hotel's facilities is exactly what business travellers are looking for. Here are our top 10 European spaces worth pulling up a chair in...

Hotel Schani, Vienne

When it comes to hotel coworking, Hotel Schani is at the cutting edge. In April 2015, it was this hotel that first set the trend in Europe, turning its traditional Viennese salon into a fully connected space for business travellers.
Anything is possible here. You can even connect with other guests passing through who share the same interests as you.

Mama Works, Lyon

Designer hotel chain Mama Shelter has also got into the business of offering coworking spaces: a concept they call 'Mama Works'. The hotel chain's first coworking space opened its doors this year in Lyon.
Theirs is a comprehensive solution offering high-tech, modular meeting rooms, a bar serving unlimited hot drinks, designer shops selling office accessories, and even bicycles to get you where you need to be. 

The Curtain, London

Treat yourself to a work session at The Curtains in London for a one-of-a-kind experience. This private, ultra-British club has opened a coworking space on the ground floor for the most creative mobile workers. 

Hotel Indigo, Berlin

Set in the heart of the old town and artistic centre of Berlin, Hotel Indigo is at the forefront of professional equipment, offering you all the comfort of a business centre right in the hotel. Meeting rooms, computers, couriers and more are at your disposal.

Nomad Hotel, Roissy

A hotel where everything is modular; entirely partitionless spaces encourage collaborative work and USB ports are located throughout for sharing anytime and anywhere. Plus 24-hour refreshments are on offer. 

The Hoxton, Amsterdam

Experience a true Dutch vibe at the workspaces in Hoxton, right in the heart of Amsterdam. Filled with natural daylight, these spaces comprise modular meeting areas that can seat up to 20 people, and offer hot drinks, homemade pastries, rest areas and more.

9Hotel Sablon, Brusssels

Just a stone's throw from Brussels Central train station, the 9Hotel Sablon offers a sophisticated, hyperconnected collaborative workspace.
The added benefits? A pool, bar and sauna are also included in the service to help you unwind after a hard day's work. 

25Hours Zurich West, Zurich

A designer, colourful hotel set in the heart of Zurich's artistic centre, 25hours Hotel provides workspaces in the lobby as well as meeting rooms for more formal events.

Nextdoor, Paris, Lyon, etc.

More flexibility and digitisation, a better quality of working life, and a solution for professional mobility; from the alliance between Bouygues and Accor came Nextdoor, which is set to operate eight sites in France by the end of the year, and 80 facilities in Europe by 2022.
These new public areas will enable you to work in a collaborative space no matter where you are, and experience a friendly atmosphere while also being able to take advantage of the network offered through coworking. All this with no obligation! You pay only for the time you need. Opt for coworking by the day or hire a meeting room with Nextdoor, a flexible solution where anything is possible. 

Published by Magali on 06/12/2019 Photo credit: © Yuri_Arcurs

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