Women's expectations when on business trips

They’re just as likely to travel for work as their male colleagues, but are their expectations and needs covered to the same extent?

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Does a businesswoman's concept of business travel differ to a man's? If this question seems a little sexist to you, it’s actually entirely legitimate if you consider that one out of every two businesswomen travels for their job. And, by the way, the answer is yes! Read on to find out why. 

Women's travel priorities

Many women are required to travel as part of their job: business trips are far from being for men only, and this has changed everything, particularly when it comes to hotel services.
Why? It’s because female clients, all clichés set aside, often know exactly what they want (and what they don't want) in order to be able to work under the best possible conditions. Let's start with safety and an overview of the essentials:

  • Safety first, especially at night
    For businesswomen, getting settled in at the hotel is non-negotiable as a matter of safety. They take great care in choosing their base, which should be easily accessed by taxi or other forms of transport, and ideally located so that they can go out for lunch and dinner without having to wander around hunting for transport. Female guests also generally prefer to be able to reach their room without having to walk down long, empty corridors. They also like to be able to lock their door in a fully secure manner. 

  • Unwinding after work
    Businesswomen expect a certain level of quality of amenities and comfort during their hotel stay. When asked, they said that this means having at least a hairdryer, a shower with jets and a massage function, and even a dressing gown in their size. They greatly appreciate when their needs are anticipated: 73% of female business travellers forget to pack one item in their suitcase (nail-varnish remover, a razor, suncream, makeup remover, etc.), so finding a kit of essentials on arrival is a real bonus.

  • Attention to detail
    Some details really do make the difference and give guests an incentive to stay at a particular hotel again. Think fresh flowers, well-thought-out décor, round-the-clock quality and attentive services, and perhaps even a spa: so many little extras that tip the balance in a hotel’s favour. 
  • Delicious food
    There is also a trend when it comes to the menu. Even female guests who are watching their figure like to break their diet every once in a while when travelling. This is shown by their appetite for continental breakfasts, which are highly appreciated and sought after. What's more, they fully embrace the indulgence: although half of female guests plan to work out during their stay, only 19% will actually spend time in the gym. 

The emergence of targeted services

In response to female-specific demand, it was only a matter of time before the hotel industry began to tailor its amenities and services. This was a wise move, given that 43% of business travellers are women with high decision-making power. For several years now, the four-star Bristol Hotel in Geneva has offered nine Ladies First rooms, while the DUKES Hotel in London has set aside 15 Duchess Rooms with a range of amenities exclusively for businesswomen.
But the most comprehensive offering of all certainly belongs to the Accor Group and its collection of upscale MGallery hotels. The service Inspired by Her, with Inès de la Fressange as its ambassador, is the one that best responds to the needs of female clientele. Offered by four hotels, this service lets female guests choose their room, where they can enjoy a range of exclusive amenities, such as dressing gowns and slippers in their size, a full-length mirror and a wide selection of herbal teas, as well as a yoga mat and dumbbells, an ironing board, women's magazines and many more little extras. A nice touch that is likely to entice more than its fair share of female travellers.

Published by Magali on 14/03/2018 Photo credit: © Geoff Lung, Source: all figures taken from an MGallery survey - IPSOS, September 2017, 2,951 respondents Accor

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