New York: a foodie's paradise

Here are a few typical New York lunch ideas that will tempt food fans from around the globe.

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When you're away on business, finding time for lunch can be tricky. But you should never skip it!
In New York, it's all about indulgent pleasure and discovering new things.
Here are some ideas for a stylish, quintessential business lunch that won't eat into your valuable working time.
Warning: in this city, stylish doesn't necessarily equal healthy! 

Variations on classic American dishes

A number of trendy New York restaurants put their own inimitable stamp on classic American dishes. 

A burger with a twist

Many brands offer gourmet burgers; gone are the days of greasy, uninspired fast food. In New York, quality and fresh produce are what it's all about. 
You'll find the pick of the burger bunch at Five Guys, Barack Obama’s favourite restaurant chain.
Shake Shack also serves delicious burgers at approximately twenty different spots across the city. You'll have endless choice there, with plenty of top-quality Angus beef (and even vegetarian) creations.
If you prefer an organic concoction, head straight to Bare Burger. Nothing is pre-prepared and all ingredients are organic and locally sourced.

A hot dog with a twist: 

Nobody can resist the iconic hot dog in NYC. 
The first one was sold on Coney Island in 1871 and since then, it's become a typically American snack, for which all true New Yorkers have a soft spot. 
Discover the numerous restaurants and food trucks run by Nathan’s Famous, or tuck into a loaded creation at Crif Dogs.
For somewhere a little more stylish, try the PDT restaurant in the East Village, run by chef Phillip Kirschen-Clark.
Take it further out of the ordinary with lobster hot dogs and lobster rolls at Luke’s Lobster and, if that doesn't tempt you, how about a shrimp or crab hot dog?  Complete with captivating giant aquariums, the high-end Burger & Lobster restaurant is well worth a visit. 

Soul food:

African-American dining is a mega-hot trend that's worth exploring. The core of the cuisine has its roots in authentic cultural heritage, with many restaurants in the Harlem neighbourhood offering fascinating, tasty dishes.
Give Sylvia’s a try.

A continental lunch

New York is a true cosmopoliatan melting pot, so you'll find every cuisine in the world here. Check out the window menus of restaurants as you stroll down the busy streets. Many of these are based on European cuisine, but with a clever New York twist. 

The beloved pizza:

Pizza came to New York with the Italians around the 1900 mark. It's become so popular that a local tour operator, Scott’s Pizza Tours, offers a pizza trail complete with stop-offs for delicious tastings. Prefer to be your own guide? Here are some not-to-be-missed, authentic NYC pizzerias:
Lombardi is the oldest pizzeria in New York, founded in 1905. You can find it on Spring Street in the charming Nolita neighbourhood. Roberta’s, in the heart of Brooklyn, is highly trendy, attracting lots of celebrities. Who knows, you might even bump into Beyoncé and Jay Z while indulging in a slice of heaven, created with homegrown herbs and veg.
Heading to Bleecker Street? Try John's for piping-hot slices straight from the brick oven.  

Delicatessen and a variety of bagels:

Jewish specialities are very popular amongst New Yorkers.
Try Katz’s Delicastessen or Zabar’s. where pastrami sandwiches (sliced and spiced smoked beef) are time-honoured classics. 
They're generally served in a bagel, a small, iconic roll that can be served with a whole host of fillings. You'll find them virtually everywhere, but make sure you treat yourself to a bite at the very best spots. Make like a true New Yorker and grab one in a coffee bar: Murray’s Bagel specialises in smoked fish, and Ess-a-bagel has delicious creations made with homemade cream cheese. The Grey Dog is easy-going and attracts a trendy clientele.  

Food halls:

You can't leave New York without having lunch in one of these large, covered markets overflowing with small restaurants and stalls. Perfect eateries for a spot of lunch include Eataly on Fifth Avenue, Gansevoort Market, not far from the Whitney Museum, or Chelsea Market. In Brooklyn, investigate the industrial-chic Berg’n food and beer hall. 

Business lunches are never a chore in NYC! Head to any one of these happening hotspots to soak up maximum Big Apple attitude while you dine.

Published by Julie on 08/12/2017 Photo credit: © Istock © RyanJLane

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