New Hotels: Inviting Places for Business Travellers

To adapt to increasingly specific needs and demands for ever more personalised services, hotel chains have evolved and adapted their offerings

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Perceived as a practical service, hotel offerings are changing things more and more, and now feature social spaces and meeting areas such as coworking spaces, lively, open lobbies, fitness and wellness centres, and hotel bars, where guests can meet colleagues as well as local people and city residents. Everything is designed to make the business traveller forget they are there on business. These 'lifestyle' hotels are riding high as they meet guests' new expectations in terms of innovation, personalisation, and conviviality. They now want their stay to be an exciting and unique experience. Some establishments go even beyond this; becoming real museums where art and design figure prominently in the hotel's decor. This blurring of the lines between business travel and leisure (the famous bleisure) and the fact that hotel guests are now looking to mix with local residents reflects a new way of working: one that's popular with millennials - ultra mobile and connected - freelancers, self-employed workers, and independent professionals. This means hoteliers now have to adapt to attract this new generation of travellers, who are both demanding and volatile.   


Article 1:
The Boom of Lifestyle Hotels: Reinventing Hospitality

Article 2:
Arty Establishments Are Now Trending: When Hotels Become Real Museums

Article 3:
Attracting Millennials: Adapting to Tomorrow's Business Travellers 

Published by Thi bao on 12/11/2019 Photo credit: © AccorHotels

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