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All business trips are different. Whether on business for a day or a month, at the other side of France or in Japan, there are however a few golden rules to follow to ensure that your suitcase is packed efficiently and you jet off like a real business pro.  


Some business travellers can go away for several weeks, fitting everything into their hand luggage!
If you wish to travel light you can rise to the challenge. The hotel’s dry cleaning service will be a godsend when you are travelling for more than a week.
Your suitcase must always be as light as possible, on wheels, and hand luggage must have a compartment into which a laptop may be easily inserted in order to avoid having to carry several bags.  


Whether you are travelling by plane or not, you will rarely need an entire bottle of aftershave/perfume for a week on business.
It’s easy to find a transparent toiletry bag containing bottles which hold no more than 100ml for your moisturiser and aftershave/perfume. This means you can travel light and fit everything into your overhead compartment. The hotel will provide shower gel and shampoo.  


Taking an iron is out of the question. You can iron your garments at the hotel, if need be.
In order to avoid creased garments when travelling, you can also opt for Tencel garments, an eco-friendly fabric which is extremely crease-resistant. Finally, hang your garments as soon as you unpack. It’s not necessary to pack hangers, the hotel will provide these.  


If you pack your suitcase to suit the local climate, consider packing a large headscarf or scarf, this will protect you from any ill effects of transport air conditioning.
As for style, pack understated garments and coordinating colours and, if possible, those which don’t show dirt or marks easily. Finally, although this may take up a little more room, pack a second pair of shoes which are more casual than those you plan to wear for meetings.
These will be perfect for exploring the city in the evening.  


As they can be taken onto a plane and are extremely handy, don’t hesitate to slip a packet of wet wipes into your suitcase. Cosmetic wipes will keep you feeling cool and refreshed, whilst a small packet of leather wipes will keep your shoes and bag shiny.
Don’t forget to pack a microfiber cloth, this will instantly give your glasses, smartphone and PC screen a brilliant shine. 


Industrial espionage is an unfortunate reality and it is best to protect your data from any possibility of attempted theft.
The first precaution is of course to scan your identification and travel documents, in order to make them accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, check that your electronic devices are password-protected, but also that access to your online accounts is not automatically accessible. Software is available, for example, which secures all your passwords, thanks to a unique and secure access. In general, avoid storing sensitive data on your devices, such as customer files or R&D documents.
Finally, software is available which enables you to erase data from your computer remotely - consider using this in the event of data theft.  

Published by Laurence on 08/12/2017 Photo credit: © Yuri_Arcurs

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